Skills Division of DIGA MASCHINEN  GmbH is a worldwide training research and service center. We have more than 20 years of experience in consulting and offer our wide range services around the globe. Whether you are looking for systems implementation, training & auditing services, or general support, we are here to help.
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Skills division at diga can provide all your training and support needs associated with :
1) Quality, 2) Environmental and, 3) Health and Safety. From occasional help to specific longer term  support.

Knowing the tricks of the trade is key to succeeding in business
Every company strives to improve business performance, but often has difficulty in establishing the approach or sustaining the continuous improvement strategy. For various reasons, results can also full short of expectations and targets, leading to morale, teambuilding and financial issues. We offer an approach that will focus on the business plan and objectives of the company. Whether the objective is to improve efficiency, reduce waste, improve environmental impacts, address health and safety issues etc...
Business Improvement Systems

DIGA Consulting division can develop management systems for all your needs
Quality, Environmental, Health and safety and fully integrated management systems will be implemented smoothly and without disruption to your operation. We offer different levels of service, from occasional visits to help and guide you through your accreditation, to developing and implementing management systems on your behalf.

Also, for those companies that do not want to employ a full time systems administrator, we can provide an ongoing support service to maintain the management system once accreditation had been achieved.

Simplistic approach 
• Minimizing of paperwork  
• Performance driven, not compliance driven 
• Audit friendly

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Whether it be business services like market analysis, benchmark monitoring, tracking the competitive landscape, or fulfillment services such as print, media, and distribution of information, this sector presents growth opportunities for many innovative companies that understand how to effectively deliver outsourced assistance to other businesses.

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